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Why must Sunrise MS sealant be used?

Feb 25,/2022

Winter holiday has ended and the kids need to go back to school.

It is very important to choose a school with good teachers, and the safety of campus learning environment cannot be ignored.

Formaldehyde, as one of the most harmful gases to human body, is known as indoor “life killer”. Many cases of formaldehyde poisoning can be seen from news reports and many children lose their lives due to excessive formaldehyde inhalation.

Compared with adults, children have certain differences in immunity and are more sensitive to formaldehyde. If children study and play in an environment with excessive formaldehyde for a long time, it is easy to lead to formaldehyde poisoning and even cancer. What we can do is to infinitely reduce formaldehyde to close to zero, which is the safest choice to protect children.

Therefore, a series of environmental protection problems brought by decoration deserve more attention from schools and parents, especially in the selection of home decoration materials, which should tend to environmental protection and safety.

Formaldehyde mainly comes from artificial boards, adhesives for decoration, adhesives in coatings, etc., while 80% of new indoor decoration is accompanied by formaldehyde problems.

In the market, there are many methods to remove formaldehyde after decoration, but the effect is always not ideal. To completely solve the problem of formaldehyde, we must eliminate the existence of formaldehyde from the source, which is the most effective and safe method.

For a long time, people’s impression of sealant stays on the decoration auxiliary materials, so they ignore the importance of adhesive and they choose unsafe products, resulting in decoration pollution. In fact, a large part of decoration pollution comes from the details that are easy to be ignored in the decoration process – sealant.

The continuous emergence of children’s formaldehyde poisoning in the news has sounded an alarm to the society. Therefore, the relevant national departments attach great importance to it and launched the latest strict standard indoor environmental pollution control standard for civil construction projects to prevent such accidents from happening again.

For the safety of the whole society, Sunrise also developed and launched silane modified sealant series, which is free of formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other toxic and harmful substances. It is safe and environmentally friendly.

In order to protect children’s health and create a safer and comfortable learning environment for children, Sunrise modified sealant is worthy of every parent’s choice. High quality green environmental protection products solve the problem of formaldehyde for customers from the source.

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