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Which kind of PU foam is good?

Jul 30,/2020

The PU foam is divided into tube type and gun type, if the two types of PU foam are of the same brand, and the quality is also the same, then the performance after foaming is the same.
The difference is that tube-type PU foam generally has less metering, and when used, it needs to be matched with a disposable hose to make foam, so it is suitable for occasional use. The gun-type PU foam usually has a large amount of measurement. It needs to be used with the foam gun when it is used. The foam gun can be used next time after it is cleaned well .
Tube type PU foam is not as good as the gun when it is hit, so the foam expansion is worse,, it is not possible for industry use , while for family use occasionally is ok .
Sunrise WL-2 General PU foam

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