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Using a foam gun in correct way

Aug 05,/2020

1. Pick up one foam gun and clean it with polyurethane cleaner..
2. Pick up the PU foam, hold the middle of the tank body by hand, shake it vigorously at least 15-30 times, and make sure that the prepolymer in the tank is fully mixed.
3. Remove the protective cover of the valve on the thread ring , remove the cleaner from the foam gun, and install the PU foam on the connector of the gun.
4. Grip the handle of the foam gun, make sure that the material tank is placed above, the foam gun is below the material tank, and open the flow regulating valve at the rear of the foam gun.
Sunrise Foam Gun F191-02
5. Aiming the gun at the bottom or inside part that need to be filled, and gently pull the trigger to start. It can be adjusted to the appropriate flow rate through the flow adjustment valve behind the foam gun.
6. After a tank is empty and still need another , remove the empty one immediately, and reinstall the new one according to the method in point 3 to continue the construction.
7. After the construction is completed, remove the material tank in time and replace it with a special cleaner to clean the foam gun, so as to prevent the residual materials from solidifying /clogging and damaging the foam gun.
Sunrise Foam Gun F191-01

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