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The way to cleaning PU foam gun effectively

Aug 05,/2020

For workers who often use PU foam gun in construction, the foam gun is a very useful tool. It is used for caulking, it is easy to operate and control ,so it can avoid too much wastes in the process. However, in using process, cleaning the foam gun is an indispensable step, if it is not cleaned in time, the foam gun is easily blocked partially or completely, resulting in the PU foam not being played or controlled well, so how should we clean the PU foam gun ?
Sunrise Foam Gun W100-01
First, removing the PU foam from the gun, clean the connector with the cleaner, and then install the bottled cleaner through the connector.
Second, pulling the trigger several times to clean most of the PU foam in the gun barrel, and then let The cleaner soaked in the barrel for a period of time (five or six minutes).
Finally, pulling the trigger few times to flush out the PU foam in the barrel, so that the gun is cleaned rather well now.
Sunrise Foam Gun F113-01

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