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Super practical guide for PU foam

Jul 22,/2021

The editor often receives information from customers in the background, and inquires about how to use the foam sealant and the problems encountered during use.From this I found that many customers are not likely to use foam sealant to make the foam melted or have a strange shape, such as the picture below. . .
Let see the correct step , follow me.
Construction process guide
Necessary materials : PU foam, brush or hair dryer, spray bottle, foam gun, scraper, tape measure.
1.Determine the gap width
Before the construction of the PU foam, the wall hole should be pre-treated, and the width of the gap between the wall hole and the window frame should be controlled at about 20mm.
2. Substrate processing
Before the construction of the foam sealant, the wood, brick chips, stones and other debris in the gap should be removed, and the dust on the surface of the gap should be removed with a brush or a hair dryer.

3.Humidity requirements
The humidity of the construction environment shall be more than 45% RH. If the environmental humidity does not meet the requirements, a water spray bottle should be used to spray water mist on the gap to wet the gap and the surface of the gap. In the case of gaps with a one-way depth greater than 40mm, filling cannot be completed at one time, and layered construction is required, and water mist should be sprayed before construction on each layer.
4.Place the foam gun
Shake the foam can up and down about 60 times. After the raw materials in the can are fully shaken, remove the bottle cap, turn it upside down, and fix it to the connection port of the foam gun (recommended to use Sunrise foam gun). Open the gun flow valve to adjust the flow. During construction, make sure that the bottom of the can is upright.

Shake up and down about 60 times

Fix to the gun connection port and tighten clockwise

Open the valve to adjust the flow valve according to the construction needs
5.Construction direction requirements
The vertical direction should be from bottom to top, and the horizontal direction should be extended from one end to the other end, and the construction should be carried out slowly at an even speed.

6. Gap filling fullness
Different types of products have different foaming conditions, so the filling amount of foam sealant is also different during construction. Please consult our salesperson. After the foam is cured, the foam should be filled the gap between the window frame and the wall.
7. Post-processing
After the foam sealant is applied and fully cured, the foam that overflows the window frame can be repaired with a spatula to make it recessed into the inner side of the window frame by about 10mm. After that, the next process can be carried out.

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