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Sunrise PU Foam Sealant: Foam sealant after cutting, no water seepage

Aug 05,/2020

In recent years, some people have misunderstanding on cutting process of foam sealant, mistakenly thinking that the cutting process is not waterproof. In fact, domestic and foreign market experience has proved that after cutting process, one good foam sealant also has strong waterproof Sex, bonding and sealing.
F281 Fire-retardant PU foam
With the consent of the owner, Sunrise personnel completed the water spray test at the Vanke Qichen project. In the experiment, the seams between the window frame and the wall were firstly laid with Sunrise F280 foam sealant. After 24 hours, use a utility knife to cut off the excess foam. After 30 minutes of showering. The owner, the general contractor and the Sunrise staff inspected the window frame together and found that the inside of the window frame was dry and there was no sign of water seepage.
F290 Wood PU foam
This water spray test proves that Sunrise foam sealant still has good waterproof function after cutting. Sunrise foam sealant has fine and dense cells with a closed cell rate of up to 70%, and the cells are not connected to each other, so it has good bonding, sealing, waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation and other functions. After cutting, it still has a good waterproof function.

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