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Sunrise Masonry PU foam

Sep 24,/2021

Many people like to build their new houses – the most common is the brick concrete structure. We all know that the brick concrete structure bears the load by the load-bearing wall. If the wall is not built well, it will not only affect the overall quality of the house, but also will cause many problems in wall decoration in the future. So the seemingly simple job of building a wall is also very important.

Wall building is an important step after the main body is demolished and changed,
If the wall work is not done well, there will be a whole security problem later.
Besides that, there was dust everywhere, and very dirty.

We commend you Sunrise Masonry PU foam Adhesive.

The technological characteristics of wall building should be treated with special caution. After all, it is directly related to the safety of our daily home life in the future.

If the brick is not constructed in place in the construction, it will be a huge hidden danger in the future. Sunrise Masonry PU foam Adhesive has strong bonding strength.


Sunrise masonry PU foam, a rapid curing PU foam adhesive developed specifically for

the installation of brick,

non-bearing interior walls of gypsum, concrete, aerated and lime stone blocks,stone, wood and a range of other construction materials.


You do not need to spend time mixing sand and cement. Sunrise masonry PU foam is the adhesive for working fast and clean and if no water and/or electricity is available. All components are inside the single handheld canister, Simply screw the canister onto the foam gun(or simple nozzle) and is ready to use.


Please find the usage steps as follows:

The surfaces must be sound, clean, free of oil and grease. Surfaces moisten slightly (spray) using a spray bottle.


Shake the can vigorously 60 times before using, convert the can, firmly screw it on the adapter and turn the flow adjustment screw anticlockwise.

When using Sunrise masonry PU foam, please make sure that at least 80% of the block surface is covered with Sunrise masonry PU foam. You can check this by placing the second block and removing immediately.

Applying the blocks should be done by moving slightly in place to avoid the adhesive for an even and good distribution  and for the prevention of bulging glue

Fresh foam can be removed directly with PU-Cleaner. After curing the surplus of the foam can be removed with a knife or spatula and the foam surface can be worked off.

It sets within 10 minutes to provide a very high strength bond several times stronger than the masonry material itself, and is equally suitable for internal and external use.

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