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Precautions for using polyurethane foam in winter

Jan 13,/2021

Winter is here, as the temperature gradually drops What should be paid attention to when using polyurethane foam under low temperature and dry conditions?
Sunrise reminds everyone to pay attention to the following points:
1. Storage conditions
★The storage environment of polyurethane foam is 5~27℃, avoid low temperature storage, so as not to be unable to use normally in the later period.
2. External conditions
★The influence of temperature
The use temperature of polyurethane foam is 5~35℃, and the best use temperature is 21~25℃. In severe cold and low temperature environment, foaming and curing will slow down.
★The influence of humidity
The use humidity of polyurethane foam is 30~80%, and the best use humidity is 45~55%. In a dry and low temperature environment, the internal curing of the foam will slow down and the cell density will be low.
Sunrise F280 Universal PU foam
3. Pay attention to the using process
★Pre-heat treatment
Under severe cold conditions in winter, if the temperature of the polyurethane foam tank is too low or frozen during storage, pre-heat treatment should be carried out before use. The treatment method is heated with hot water (water temperature 40~50℃) in a water bath, and wait for the inside The material can be used after returning to normal temperature to avoid abnormal foaming state.
★Shake well
Before using the polyurethane foam , it must be fully shaken to ensure that the internal materials are evenly mixed. Under low temperature conditions in winter, the internal material viscosity will increase and the propellant gas will be difficult to vaporize. It is necessary to fully shake it before use to avoid There is a problem that the foaming agent cannot be used normally.
★Watering problem
If the construction environment has extremely low humidity and is particularly dry, spray a little water mist inside the gap during use to ensure that there is enough moisture to react after the foaming agent is blown out, so as to avoid insufficient internal reaction and slow curing speed.
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★Processing after curing
Polyurethane foam are polyurethane products. Polyurethane products will become powdery and brittle under low temperature conditions. This phenomenon is a common feature of polyurethane products and is not a product quality problem. With the passage of time, this powder The phenomenon of transformation will gradually disappear, or even return to the normal state, without affecting the use. The speed of the state conversion time is related to the actual temperature of the actual use environment. The higher the temperature, the shorter the time, and usually it can be restored within 48 to 72 hours after curing. In normal state, during this period, do not press and cut the surface of the foaming agent to avoid damage to the cell structure and cause the foaming agent to fail to return to its normal state.
It is recommended to use Sunrise winter foam to avoid the above problems
★Winter type polyurethane foam
Suitable for using in low temperature environments. No need to heat before use, good frost resistance and low temperature resistance. It is a must-have at home and the first choice for winter use.

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