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One Component Polyurethane Foams – Ready and economical to use

Aug 05,/2020

One Component Polyurethane Foam is a kind of sealant, which is solidified by the moisture in the air and CFC and HCFC free. It is contained in pressurised cylinders.
Sunrise WL-2 General PU foam
Generally there are two kinds of PU foam: gun foam and straw foam. Their main difference is dispensing device. Gun foam’s dispensing device is gun, while straw foam’s is straw. When the device is operated, foam is sprayed out with an initial consistency. This foam gets cured on contact with the moisture in the air and feely expands to fill gaps and joints. The expansion capacity of foam makes it ideal for use as a sealant and cavity filler. One component foams are the preferred material for installing door and window frames.
Sunrise PA Multi-purpose PU foam
High quality PU foam has excellent adhesion to most substrates, so it can also be used as a kind of adhesive. These foams are also used in a number of other applications, for example as barriers to insects and rodents, and are often used in theatrical and artistic applications.,

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