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How to clean PU foam on the clothes

Aug 05,/2020

The PU foam belongs to polymer compounds in the chemical field. Alcohol, gasoline or nail polish dilutions are all solvents, these solvents can dissolve polymer compounds. Therefore, the alcohol, gasoline or nail polish dilution stored at home can remove the glue easily and thoroughly, the hand cream can also clean it effectively.
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The general cleaning steps are as follows:
1. First ,using dry cleaning method, pour essential balm on the place where the glue is on the clothes.
2. Wiping the essential balm and let it stand for a while ,gradually the essential balm will permeate into the glue stains, about ten minutes later, the glue will soften.
3. Using a cotton cloth or toothbrush to remove the softened glue slowly.
4. Following the grain of the clothes with a cotton swab, remove the glue little by little, without too much force, as long as wipe back and forth several times gently , the glue was rubbed off.
5. When the glue completely removed, wash it with clean water.
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