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Formaldehyde content of PU foam

Aug 17,/2021

Is there any formaldehyde after PU foam is cured? What is the content of formaldehyde?
Let us make a test. We tested Sunrise F281PU foam. We put cured PU foam in a glass box, seal the box and keep the PU foam in the box for 24 hours. The value of formaldehyde is 0.00g/kg!
(The national standard limit value of hazardous substances is≥1.0(g/kg))
Please check the test picture as follows:

Sunrise PU foam does not contain formaldehyde and can even contact food after curing. PU foam is a single-component, moisture-curing and self-expanding PU foam. PU foam is mainly used for effective filling and sealing small penetrations, electrical outlets, plumbing penetrations, wall-ceiling joints, vent penetrations, small crack repair, wire penetrations, pond/landscape, around window & door frames, installing doors and windows, sound insulation, heat insulation, resisting water vapor permeation, resisting mold growth and inhibiting insect invasion. Foam is typically air-tight (tough skin with high closed cell content), which increases R-value in wall spaces
F185 Winter PU foam
The quality of PU foam produced by big brand enterprises is qualified and will not emit substances harmful to human body or formaldehyde. Because such enterprises go through strict quality inspection, the quality is guaranteed. When choosing PU foam suppliers, please choose enterprises with strict quality assurance system. Sunrise Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd is a ISO9001-2008 certified company that specializes in researching and developing the application of adhesive and sealing technology. It is not only the frontrunner in manufacturing adhesives, but also one of the largest PU foam manufacturers in China. Sunrise has more than 20 years experience in this field. It only with qualified raw material suppliers. It requires some raw material suppliers meet the national standards and makes its own standard, which is higher than the national standard.
Sunrise WK Low Expansion PU foam

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